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Coordinating Services for our clients in order for them to have peace of mind that their planning is not only complete today but will be kept complete through the changes that life brings. CLA Estate Services is all about Service.

Helping You Get It Together... and Keep It Together

CLA provides estate planning services to thousands of clients through out the United States. There are no two clients that are alike and CLA has the experience of working with over 50,000 families for estate planning services.

After a lifetime of hard work and saving, you deserve the security of knowing that you will be financially secure throughout your retirement and your family will be protected when you’re gone. CLA USA, a provider of financial planning products understands your concerns and your needs. That’s why they offer a wide variety of financial products with a focus on conservative financial planning strategies that will preserve your nest egg for when you need it the most.


CLA USA understands that making sure you and your family have the assets you need is one of your most important priorities. They also understand that it’s not easy to trust everything you hear about investment opportunities. There are so many scam companies out there that have sprung up in recent years to take advantage of seniors. CLA USA has been in business for over 20 years. They’re no fly-by-night seller of unsuitable financial products. In fact, CLA USA is proud to hold an A+ rating with the Dallas/North Texas Better Business Bureau, and are an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau in every region it operates.


Estate planning and financial planning are two separate things, but they work together and should be thought of together as “Retirement Planning”. The intent of retirement planning is to ensure that you have the assets you need to live out your retirement comfortably. Many television ads and other advertisements for seniors all focus on healthy and fit seniors indulging in their childhood dreams, but retirement planning is about more than making sure that you have a steady income stream after you retire. There are other concerns that don’t often get dealt with in the happy television ads.


Statistics show that 2 out of 3 seniors eventually require long term care or suffer a debilitating illness, but only 1 in 10 makes financial provisions for that care in advance. CLA USA offers financial products that can help you in securing your future against all eventualities. The company’s agents can help you understand the various types of insurance products you can use to safeguard your assets without jeopardizing the care you might someday require.


Seniors estate planning includes making decisions about surviving spouse benefits and arranging your assets to ensure that they’re transferred to your heirs with as little loss as possible. Working with an agent from CLA USA can help you safeguard your assets through the conservative financial planning products that are right for your situation.



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